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AMTOS SOLUTIONS ltd. has developed Force Control Unite with unseen performances for application in the field of mechatronics.

What’s new

Experimental research in sending of steel workpieces

Our team has performed testing of AMTOS® FCU with sending application on steel surfaces. Testing was…

Experimental research in grinding of thin-walled steel workpieces with free form surfaces / winter 2022

AMTOS® FCU testing in grinding application on thin-walled stainless curved steel surface with 10N &#…

Continuous improvement (development, enhancement) of design and control features of AMTOS® FCU/ spring 2023

After two years of successful testing of the AMTOS® FCU in different industrial conditions and when …


Amtos FCU1

The Force Control Unit (FCU) is a fully electric device designed for adaptive force compensation in robot polishing and/or sanding applications…

About us

AMTOS SOLUTIONS Ltd. is founded in 2019 in Zagreb/Croatia as a start-up company formed around one product, AMTOS FCU. In a short time, we have patented, tested, and launched new product of unseen performances in the field of mechatronics.

We are team of five enthusiasts, four engineers with PhD and one business developer.

Our Vision is to become a relevant stakeholder for globally needed mechatronic solutions in industry and our mission is to deliver quality solutions based on contemporary knowledge into every single project.


AMTOS SOLUTIONS Ltd. will provide help to costumers of Amtos® FCU regarding installation support with deep insight approach on technology process improvements. Also, AMTOS SOLUTIONS will provide maintenance service/advice or servicing of the device.

AMTOS SOLUTIONS Ltd. also provides services in the field of mechatronics, from collaborative R&D projects for a particular product, to consulting for more efficient production processes. Holistic approach towards every project is result of acquired knowledge and experience of Amtos’s engineers and scientists.

Installation assistance

Advisory services related to the technological processes

Servicing and maintenance

Contact us

For more information on product AMTOS FCU please contact us via contact form


Prilaz Gjure Deželića 73 HR-10000 Zagreb Croatia


+385 91 4455 521